What are the advantages of welding piston rods?

Under normal circumstances, friction welding is more commonly used for piston rods, and they are finished products for welding. They must be welded after chrome plating, and then the burrs that are turned can be directly installed into the cylinder. This welding technology is also relatively mature at present. So, what are the advantages of this welding method?
1. Low cost, as long as electricity is consumed, there is no need to use any welding flux;
2. The efficiency is very high, and a piston rod can be welded in just two to three minutes;
3. The quality is relatively good, and the strength of the entire weld seam is basically close to the parent material;
4. Safe and environmentally friendly, free from any pollution such as sound, air, radiation, and light.
Based on the four factors mentioned above, the welding technology for piston rods will develop rapidly. Although the application of this technology is still relatively limited, due to the specific advantages of friction welding, it will be very popular in the near future.