What is the reason for the poor performance of the piston rod?

The reasons for the poor performance of piston rods may include the following aspects:
1. Wear or damage
Due to the high load and wear that the piston rod bears during operation, it may experience wear or damage after long-term use, resulting in poor performance.
2. Corrosion
If its surface is not subjected to appropriate anti-corrosion treatment, or if there are corrosive media in the operating environment, it may corrode, leading to poor performance.
3. Fatigue
Due to its frequent reciprocating motion during operation, fatigue may occur after long-term use, leading to poor performance.
4. Installation issues
If the piston rod is installed incorrectly or without paying attention to some details during installation, such as not applying sufficient lubricating oil, it may also lead to poor performance.
5. Material quality issues
If its material quality is not up to standard or there are quality issues, it may also lead to poor performance.